Fee Guide

If following your check up you need any further treatment, we will give you an personal treatment plan showing an estimate of costs involved.

We are unable to send accounts or offer credit. We ask that patients settle their account at the end of each appointment. We accept cash, cheque and debit cards.



Initial Consultation including radiographs from £65.00
Routine Examination (excluding radiographs) from £35.00
Appointments with the Dental Hygienist from £65.00
Tooth Coloured Fillings from £90.00
Silver Fillings from £80.00
Root Canal Therapy
from £250.00
(Price dependent on tooth treated and restoration materials)
Gold Crowns from £600.00
Porcelain crowns from £600.00
Partial Dentures from £650.00
Complete Dentures from £750.00
Extractions from £100.00
Home Whitening from £275.00