COVID 19 Update

As many of you will be aware, the Government recently announced that dental practices in England would be  allowed to reopen from the 8th June...with restrictions. 

Our primary concern when reopening the practice has always been the safety of our patients and our staff. 


We have eagerly awaited the opportunity to see our patients again to provide the care we normally do, but we must do this without putting you our patients, or our staff at risk.


We are now  able to offer face to face appointments but at a reduced capacity to comply with current guidance.


 When will I be able to have a dental appointment?

The treatments we are able to offer are gradually being phased in. We have now attempted to contact and see every patient that has had a dental emergency during lockdown. We are now in the process of completing those treatments for patients that outstanding treatment cancelled due to lockdown and restarting our hygienist appointments. 


Contacting the Practice At Present 


Due to the extremely high volume of telephone calls we are receiving at present we would kindly request you e-mail the practice where at all possible on There is an answerphone service for those patients over 70 and who do not have access to an e-mail . If you leave a message we will endeavour to return your call as soon as possible.


What if I have a Dental Concern ?

As you know prior to COVID 19, if you had a dental problem you could telephone our receptionists and they would be able to offer you an appointment immediately. Unfortunately , during the current COVID 19 situation all non routine appointments must be triaged by one of our dentists to allocate you an appointment if appropriate. If you require an appointment  or have a dental problem please e-mail the practice on with a detailed explanation of your dental problem and a photo of the affected area. You will then be e-mailed an appointment time for a telephone consultation where you will be triaged by a dentist  and offered an appointment if appropriate. 


Visiting the Dental Practice

Prior to your face to face appointment you will receive an e-mail and text asking you to complete a medical history form, patient details and COVID 19 screening questionnaire on our patient portal . It is vital that this is completed 24 hours before your appointment to allow your clinician to review it. Please be aware that the toilets are not available at this time and we ask you to clean your teeth before you arrive. Please arrive alone and on time, and  go to your patient portal on your phone and check in using your smart phone . Please then go to the front door on Dunstable Street. Please arrive with wearing a face mask , bring your mobile phone, a pen, any essential medication and debit card. We are not accepting cash or cheque at this time. When we are ready we will invite you in ,take your temperature and ask you to sanitise your hands. We will then direct you to surgery. After your appointment you will be asked to sanitise your hands go to reception, sign any paperwork , settle any account and book your next appointments. You will then be directed to leave the practice via the door to the carpark. 


Hygienist Appointments 


There will be temporary changes to your hygiene appointments: 

Prior to COVID 19 appointment with our fantastic team of hygienists would have consisted of:


  • An update of any medical conditions
  • An assessment to ensure your jaw is working properly
  • An oral cancer check
  • A gum condition check
  • A check of all the teeth for broken fillings
  • A thorough cleaning of your mouth with an ultrasonic scaler (the one that creates the
  • water spray or aerosol )
  • Oral Hygiene Instruction 
  • Polish all your teeth



Until the Covid level drops, our hygiene appointments will temporarily consist of 

  • An update of any medical conditions
  • A check that you are happy with your smile
  • An assessment to ensure your jaw is working properly
  • An oral cancer check
  • A gum condition check
  • A check of all the teeth for broken fillings
  • A thorough cleaning of your mouth with hand instruments
  • Oral Hygiene Instruction 
  • We will not be able to polish the teeth due to saliva splatter during this part of the 
  • procedure
  • If any problems are detected, the dentist will be informed. 


We are very luck that we have four very highly trained and experienced hygienists who

are able to do this. In fact they have been doing this for years, so you are in very safe 



My appointment has been rebooked 


We are mindful that many dental procedures are aerosol generating procedures( AGPs). It is difficult for us to carry out some dental procedures without generating some level of aerosol.

 Aerosol suspended in the air is a theoretical source of infection which we  have been advised to  keep to a minimum until the COVID level drops.


Current Guidance issued by Public Health England recommends that dental surgeries have to be allowed to rest after Aerosol Generating Procedures,  ie most dental procedures involving the dental drill or ultrasonic scaler,  are carried out,  before a terminal clean. Due to this guidance the way in which the appointment books are having to be structured has changed and some appointments are having to be  cancelled and rebooked.  We apologise in advance if this has happened to you and appreciate for some patients this has already happened more than once due to the current lock down. 


Staying Upto Date 

While we endeavour to keep our website upto date in these rapidly changing times, the most upto date information can be found on our facebook page  and instagram page



We appreciate your patience and understanding in these trying times and look forward to seeing you all soon.